Retd DRDO officer from Chennai is multi-faceted

He worked with APJ Abdul Kalam for nearly eight years. Asked how Kalam was before he became President of the nation, Balasubramanian said, “He was a very straightforward person. He always pushed for making things in India. He preferred indigenous production and wanted India to be self-reliant.” Continue Reading

Officer’s Colony intersection problematic for pedestrians

The intersection is important as school students use it to cross to the other side. But their safety is now compromised because of the low median. Continue Reading

Cut Fast founder tells his tale of reaching the stars

The story of U Mohan Rao is nothing short of extraordinary. A well-known industrialist who helmed Cut Fast Abrasives, having founded it with a few like-minded others, came from humble origins. Continue Reading

‘Today’s generation do not get to read proper consumer tests’

Today, magazines are actually a sidekick to websites. No matter how big a brand is, they need to have websites to survive the wave of Internet. Along with the rise of Internet came the possibility for people to compare one production to another and that was where the problems started. Continue Reading

Chennai’s Ambattur needs to get rid of illegal parking, encroachments

When ‘News Today’ took a stroll down the neighbourhood, the issue was found to be prevalent in almost all areas, apart from ones that have a good residents welfare association (RWA) that runs by a set of rules Continue Reading

Issues surrounding Ambattur Rly station waiting for attention

It is a known fact that the Southern Railway announced that it will be stopping two express trains on an experimental basis at Ambattur, Chennai. Further, the authorities brought computerised reservation system for ease of use for the public as well. Continue Reading

Residents at Chennai suburb against opening of TASMAC outlet

Residents oppose TASMAC shop that is being opened at Indra Nagar in Menambedu, Chennai, as they fear it would lead to increase in number of problems that are already aplenty in the neighbourhood. According to residents the liquor shop is being set up in a hurried manner. Continue Reading

Beware motorists, sunny days are here

Summer is approaching, would be a terrible lie to say with temperatures already soaring. At a time when people are most likely worrying about their brain melting away in the coming scorching months, it is also advisable to think about keeping that ever trusty two- and four-wheeler sometimes. Continue Reading

Chennaiites take GCC’s vending zone initiative with a pinch of salt

Recently the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) announced that vending and no-vending zones will be demarcated in the city by the end of this month and hawkers will only be allowed only on four streets in each of the 200 wards that come under its limits. Continue Reading