Over 2,500 people take part in the run for water in Chennai

When ‘Neerottam’ took place in Chennai recently, thousands came together to accomplish one goal, they wanted to make a statement that waterbodies need to be protected. Continue Reading

Mobiistar aims to become one among top 5 smartphone brands in India

Mobiistar, a Vietnamese smartphone brand recently launched their smartphone X1 Notch in the country in the affordable segment and barely two months into its foray into the nation, the brand has entered the offline space with presence in 475 cities in 27 States. Continue Reading

Budget 2019: Bizmen welcome focus on farmers, healthcare, middleclass

While emphasis has been made on farmers and micro, small and medium enterprises, the government in the Budget has also laid a clear 10-point path for development of the nation. Continue Reading

Residents say complaints make no difference in bringing new traffic lights

The junction near Sir Ramaswamy Mudaliar School is devoid of traffic signals for the last six months, state residents. ‘News Today’ has reported the issue already and it seems no action has been taken on the matter. Continue Reading

Activist from Chennai wants an accident-free nation

If one has been to Ambattur on weekends, one would not miss youngsters clad in black clothing and white makeup on their face. No matter what the weather forecast says, these people are always there with one goal – to stop traffic violations and accidents. Continue Reading

Pedestrians cause accidents too. It’s time we talked about it

There are many factors that lead to a person’s death than the government data would lead you to believe. Having already established that ABS and airbags alone would not save one’s life in my previous article, I want to talk about accidents that occur due to pedestrians and the lack of data about it. Continue Reading