Ilayaraja sang only for this composer 

Rakesh Raj says, “My father Kannur Rajan worked with almost every notable musician in the film industry. Do you know that Ilayaraja sang for my father before his first film came out in 1973? He did not sing for anybody else later, except maybe for his son.” Continue Reading

Chennai shows it cares for Gaja victims

“When Chennai suffered due to floods in 2015 and Vardah cyclone in 2016, people in other parts of the State rushed to the capital’s rescue. But when those in the delta districts are devastated by Gaja, the city has not helped them much.” Continue Reading

Chennai science teacher uses tech to help students crack NEET 

“When NEET was implemented, the first thing that struck me was that its execution was bad. Students did not have any books to refer to and were left worried that their dreams will get shattered,” says R Soundarapandian, a zoology teacher from Ambattur. Continue Reading

It’s good to resurrect the dead, just make it right

The current year has been the year for resto-mod’s. I get the point, take your beloved vehicle (or buy one, if you don’t have it), replace old parts with modern derivatives and voila, a wolf under sheep’s clothing. Continue Reading

Airtel changes validity plans for existing customers

Bharti Airtel, one of India’s largest telecom carriers, has silently rolled out a change in its plans for existing customers. By the new regulations, customers will need to constantly recharge to avoid termination of their services. Continue Reading

Kokkarakko kondattam at Kodambakkam restaurant

I opted for the Kokkrakko virundhu which has over 61 varieties of dishes for under Rs 700 and all the while I was talking with Mad Chef Koushik, who is the culinary operations officer at Eatitude, and he graciously spent time with me, explaining the dishes and the background of why they were chosen. Continue Reading