Chennai-based youth wins laurels in silambattam

It has become common to hear news about women facing the unthinkable out in the public. This is what drove Ganesh Babu of Oragadam to enroll his daughter Padma Shree in a Silambam class, to equip the skills she might need in case she finds herself in a bad situation. Continue Reading

Reasons why concept cars are inevitable

The life of a concept car is quite the story of hogging the limelight and losing their purpose of existence once their job is done. Despite this very brief stint, concept cars are inevitable and carmakers famously spend millions to make and display them on their stands at a famous motorshow. Continue Reading

When banks levy hefty charges for services, customers feel the pinch

Bank of Baroda, for instance, charges Rs 10 per transaction, plus GST, regardless of the amount of fuel bought per transaction. An official from the bank, when contacted through the toll-free number, confirmed the revision of rates. However, the person did not explain the basis for charging people for every transaction. Continue Reading

Automobile makers face obstacle as speed of superfast cars climbs higher

Although, 300 mph can be achieved, I worry that it might be the last aspiring top speed that us humans might be looking at. Why? because almost all manufacturers are looking at making electric supercars and hypercars and those cars cannot do the same speeds as petrol-engined ones. Continue Reading

Indian management grad Mukundananda spreads Hinduism in US

He has an engineering degree from IIT-Delhi, a management degree from IIM-Kolkata, and could have been a successful management guru. But he chose to be a spiritual guru.  Continue Reading

Has property tax collection been stopped at Ambattur in Chennai?

According to sources, State Minister for Municipal Administration, S P Velumani, has ordered for the stoppage of property tax collection in the industrial-residential neighbourhood of the city. Continue Reading

Latest TRAI rule: Choosing channels for TV is messy affair

For example, when I recently visited my friend’s home, his father was trying to get his head around how to pick and choose the channels for his dish TV. The operator had sent his father a QR code and the poor old person did not know how to scan the thing. Continue Reading

Retteri could be a rich source of water for supply to Chennai

In July last year, when Chennai’s major reservoirs had a little over 20 per cent water left in them, Chennai Metrowater conducted a feasibility study to draw water from Retteri lake for the city’s water supply. According to officials, the lake has the capacity to store 110 million cubic feet of water. Continue Reading

Ambattur Railway station all the better with new developments

NGO Ooruni Maiyam members reiterated that the development came due to help from Member of Parliament K N Ramachandran, taking particular notice of the matter and worked with the association members who went to the national capital to meet him and get the issue rectified. Continue Reading