Chennai water woes: Many solutions but permanent one is still elusive

Joint director and public relations manager at Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) R Neelakandan said, “At present, Chennai’s waterbodies hold a little more than 1 tmc ft of the total 11 tmc ft. Taking that into account, water in the major catchment areas may well be exhausted within the next 45 days.” Continue Reading

Road safety involves many factors other than airbags and ABS

In an ideal world where people follow all the rules and authorities do their work, cars with five-star ratings will be safe, as it has been proved on many occasions in developed countries. Continue Reading

Plastic countdown: Some commercial outlets are ready with alternatives

“The good thing the government did was informing us well in advance and giving us plenty of time to think about alternative products. Once the ban was announced, the other viable and eco-friendly, government-certified alternatives started showing up. It promoted the substitute industry indirectly,” said Palam Silks founder, Jeyasree Ravi. Continue Reading

Tamilnadu lad creates Pixalive app to keep his dreams alive

“I had just quit my job due to personal reasons. When the Snapchat controversy erupted, I realised that there were no made-in-India social media platforms. There were messengers and other platforms, but nothing had all the bases covered. So, I decided to come up with one,” said Rajasekar Sundaresan. Continue Reading

Ilayaraja sang only for this composer 

Rakesh Raj says, “My father Kannur Rajan worked with almost every notable musician in the film industry. Do you know that Ilayaraja sang for my father before his first film came out in 1973? He did not sing for anybody else later, except maybe for his son.” Continue Reading

Chennai shows it cares for Gaja victims

“When Chennai suffered due to floods in 2015 and Vardah cyclone in 2016, people in other parts of the State rushed to the capital’s rescue. But when those in the delta districts are devastated by Gaja, the city has not helped them much.” Continue Reading