Emission regulations by gov forces automakers to make heavier vehicles

Government’s the world over have been pushing carmakers to adhere to their ridiculous norms that are rather counter-intuitive and end up becoming counter-productive in due course. Emissions regulations for example, have made cars and bikes less polluting, but have also made them heavier and hence nullifying the overall effect. That is because in the real world, things work differently. Maybe that is why manufacturers are finding ways to make their cars faster and more powerful, despite the apparent increase in weight. Yet, they fall short in some aspects and that takes away what forms the crux of a real sportscar – the driving experience. Continue Reading

People get exploited if they needlessly spend money on road-racers

The term ‘race car for the road’ has always been a bit of an oxymoron, at least for me. While it does not take long to understand why manufacturers make such cars, it is rather odd to know that they intend to make them at all. People, especially men, like to tell themselves that they are better drivers. In order to satisfy their ego, manufacturers make products that they claim will be able to do blisteringly quick laps around race tracks…err, around the world. That is the sole reason for cars like the McLaren Senna exist. Continue Reading

6-year-old Chennai lad excels in karate, aims to become boxer

Conviction, a word to describe the drive people have in them to do things that will change their lives or the lives of those associated with them, is best suited to describe Ayaan Kumar’s parents. Praveen Kumar and Anjali who live in Pudur, were determined about one thing when they had a child, that they would provide every single opportunity to their ward to grow in the way that the toddler would want to. Continue Reading