Luxuries have probably made man arrogant towards nature, says expert

The world and its leaders suddenly woke up to take action on climate changes and the need for clean energy some 20 years ago. Continue Reading

Expert shares views on rising price of petrol, diesel

Millions keep pondering on why is the fuel price high in India when compared to other nations. This means such people have already done the currency value conversions of on the comparative nations. But have they taken into consideration the time value of money, asks professor Vijaykumar Jayaram (VKJ). Continue Reading

Expert’s view on ‘cancellation’ of class 12 Board exams by Centre

Education is now universal and can be divided into three broad components – knowledge, effective communication and format, says professor Vijaykumar Jayaram (VKJ). Continue Reading

Only care factor can save the people, says expert

If you do not care about others eventually you cannot love, empathise or do the right things. Care for others will automatically ensure that you care for yourself too at the sub-conscious level. Care creates a win-win situation. Care develops awareness. Feel-good care cures, says professor Vijaykumar Jayaram (VKJ). Continue Reading

Strategic approach needed to train employees post Covid-19: Expert

Strategies are primary business intelligence plans with a long-term agenda. They hold all the secondary tactical plans which act as guidelines for day- to-day operational planning and work flows. Continue Reading