The missing ink

The lukewarm to poor voter turnout in the key metros of India is perhaps the unkindest cut on democracy. You can have our voice but not necessarily our vote, seems to be the urbanites’ answer to the national call of duty. The most noisy crowd on national issues feels nary a compulsion to follow up indignation and ideas with action. Whatever it is worth, the vote is still the only instrument of political change and not casting it tantamounts to forfeiting the Constitutional fundamental right to expression! Continue Reading

Gone with the Guru!

If secularism in India is in the ICU of Hypocrisy Hospital, it is at least in elite, albeit equally sick, company. The next bed is occupied by spirituality. Though at present sight both appear to have nil hope of survival or salvation, secularism can hope to be clinically alive on constitutional ventilators. But spirituality is in critical health with the life support systems being painfully withdrawn by the very people drafted to sustain it. Continue Reading

It’s nobody’s nation!

Former PM Vajpayee, during his stint as External Affairs minister during the Janata joke of late seventies, was asked by a foreign scribe: ‘When are you planning to visit India, Sir?’. High flying PM Rajiv Gandhi’s passion for foreign … lands was so much a talking point in the eighties that on his arrival in Delhi once an opposition MP quipped Continue Reading