Accordionist Devanathan shares his 70 years of musical journey

“My mother always used to say that I was a born singer and that vocal talent runs in my blood. I have a strong musical background, and this is my life,” says septuagenarian Devanathan, a resident of Madanandapuram, Chennai, as he sets himself to talk about his path of passion. Continue Reading

Jumbo Circus holds shows in Chennai; comes up with thrilling acts

After a long and tiring day, to sit among a huge crowd’s claps that appreciate the performers who bend their bodies inside a ring just like a rubber, is definitely a breathtaking one. Yes. Jumbo Circus has now come to the city and is holding shows with their very own thrilling acts. Continue Reading

Corpse found inside Church in Chennai; Chambers built to store bodies

What changed a silent narrow lane into a crowded Ranganathan Street-like, is this St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Catholic Church and the mystery of a ‘body’ buried inside it. Continue Reading

Artist in Chennai encourages homemakers to learn painting

Although homemakers spend their life staying at home and taking care of everyone, they too will have a dream that are yet to be achieved. For such women out there, here is an opportunity. Surendran, a miniature artist from Porur, has brought together a group of art lovers, comprising mostly home makers, and helps them re-construct their dream path. Continue Reading