‘Good Morning Coach’

“In India, there are over 60 grandmasters in Chess, currently. The number is low when compared to Russia and other such countries. All I aim is to increase this number and produce some qualifies chess grandmasters to our country,” says Jebastin, a resident of Porur. Continue Reading

Chennai artist’s work gets recognition at International Art Fair

“I was amused to see my art piece exhibited in the main gallery where some of the finest paintings across the world were also kept. I am a spiritual artist and so the painting spoke about spiritual awakening. I portrayed Srivilliputhur Andal’s life history in it. When people approached and asked about it, I proudly explained to them about the history of Andal. My motto is to spread cultural values of our country.” Continue Reading

Give children kiducation, says expert Uma Chandrasekar

“Traditional joint family system provided huge opportunities for children to learn life lessons. However, nuclear families now have nullified that. So, it’s high time we concentrated on early childhood education,” says Uma Chandrasekar, Operational Head for Podar Jumbo Kids in Tamilnadu. Continue Reading

Residents upset over poor condition of water resources at Porur

Neighbourhood residents are mourning as the plight of Porur lake has worsened this summer. What served a major water resource for the entire Chennai once is now reeling under severe drought condition. Continue Reading

Calcutta Sisters talk about their love for Tamil

Right from getting a pat from violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman to touching the hearts of Bombay Sisters, the musical journey for Carnatic singers Chitra and Kala, fondly known as the ‘Calcutta Sisters,’ has always been top-notch. Continue Reading

80-year-old artist portrays powerful women in her paintings

“Age and family life are never a drawback for women. With grit and determination, any woman can shine in any field,” says Leela Ganapathy, a 80-year-old painter from Mugappair East who also happens to be an accomplished danseuse. Continue Reading