To hurt is human

‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’

That’s Shakespeare-speak from Hamlet. Forget heaven, which at present sights, looks well beyond our reach; there are enough things to not dream, but dread, just on this earth. ‘Good’ may have won many battles, but ‘evil’ has so far won the war. And it owes this unassailable historic lead to just one single, strong and supremely reliable source: The human mind. Continue Reading

The complexion complex

Who said there is no fairplay in politics? Rather, all is ‘fair’ in this art of possible too. Sure, the raging debate, albeit skin deep, is an unfair diversion from real issues like sizes of tobacco warnings or of Marans’ frozen assets. But as our netas are so worked up over complexion, it is in fairness of things we prajas chip in too. Continue Reading

Racism in Black & White

The white man of the West (you may include those Down Under too) has always played smart. While historically his has been the hand that has consistently pinched the child and then rocked the cradle, he does them with astute adeptness. He is the one who colonised the entire world, yet he is the champion of freedom; his imperial escapades have killed and maimed millions, still he is the loudest proponent of human rights. Continue Reading