Raja, Ponmudi become DMK deputy general secretaries

Senior DMK leaders A Raja and Ponmudi have been unanimously elected as the party’s new general secretaries. This move has increased the total number of general secretaries in the party to five. Continue Reading

2019 general elections: BJP’s C P Radhakrishnan leading in Coimbatore

According to early trends, BJP’s C P Radhakrishnan, former president of the Tamilnadu unit of the party, is said to be leading. He is one of the five candidates contesting from the BJP in the AIADMK alliance. Continue Reading

The Inside Jobs

The election battlelines have been drawn no doubt. But it is a rather hazy line that hardly delineates or divides anything. Despite the bugle having been sounded, warring troops are still shuffling in and out of formations with the poll call only setting off skirmishes within several party ranks. The battlefield instead looks like a chaotic arena that you see in sci-fi movies wherein a voltage trip triggers a jarring clash of metals amidst jaded robots, ending in a jumble of twisted debris. Continue Reading

Futile flashback

No doubt, as CAG, Vinod Rai’s staggering estimated loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crores stumped the nation and put spectrum at the top of the heap of the sackful of scandals that marked Singh’s sleazy sojourn in power. But are we surprised by his recent ‘revelation’ that the ‘PM kept quiet even as the 2G scam unfolded?’ Continue Reading

2G: The missed calls

When A Raja was granted bail one almost felt justice has been done. So how do we account for the sudden spurt of seeming sympathy? After all, is not the former Tele minister’s culpability firmly established? Well, it is not that we love Raja more. Only that while this decoy-Caesar took all the stabs for playing a bit part in the 2G drama the real Caesars lurking behind the curtains got away without a scratch! Continue Reading

Singh’s sorry song!

So, finally the PM came out in the open, but did he come clean? And has he emerged clean? The much hyped media interaction was MSingh’s scripted soliloquy really with the otherwise ebullient editors strangely soft, probably by pre-arrangement. The PM could very well have read out a statement. Continue Reading

A deadly dead-end!

In the last few days, Minister Raja has made a momentous comeback into limelight and therefore merits mention in these columns. And by some inscrutable association of thought, the Maoists too keep rising to the mind whenever the minister does. Now what earthy connection do the trigger-happy Maoists have with the tele minister? Nothing! And that’s precisely the point and problem! Continue Reading

Madrasi Mantri Ka Menace

Making a king out of Singh was a lot easier. For that king to make mantris out of a multitude of aspiring MPs, ranging from real masters to mavericks, morons and minions turned out to be a monumental task. The swearing-in was postponed repeatedly and happened piecemeal,with the match-making between many ministers and ministries dragging on. Continue Reading