Rationed Rationalism

I was deeply disappointed by the Dravidar Kazhagam’s decision (double-back?) to put off (call off?) the Thali cutting program (protest?). Maybe the date was inauspicious or probably Periyar’s parivar had more pressing problems. I was looking forward to see the modus operandi and participants, for some grist this week. In any case, whatever the fate of that project, I stand provoked. You can read this now or await Veeramani’s next call … whenever it comes(?)! Continue Reading

Holy place, unholy polls

The irony is striking and sickening. Srirangam, for the devout, is Buloga Vaikundam, the Lord’s abode on earth. Periyar’s parivar in their prime, for their part, wanted to blast it with a cannon, making Srirangam the key target of their ideological, iconoclastic ire. But here’s also where believers and atheists alike now stand united on one ‘count’. Continue Reading

TN’s KYC: Know your ‘culture’

The national TV media and even many here don’t know their TN. How can there be cutouts condemning the judge or warning Kannadigas, they ask in all incredulous ignorance. Many of us also share the indignation but swallow it thanks to experience, compulsion or habit. Still some light needs to be shed on what’s broadly called and covered under ‘TN political culture’. Continue Reading

Looming heirlooms

Political Leaders leave many kinds of legacies ranging from properties to parties to pet theories and pronouncements. Unlike a nondescript individual, the legacy of a public person raises more complications on the latter’s death: The claimants are not just blood relatives but include, to put it in TN’s political lingo, Blood’s Blood and Co-borns too (Raththaththin raththam & Udanpirappugal). Continue Reading

Rationing rationalism

Apparently, power shortages are not for the powerful. A drive on Mount Road, Teynampet, past the DMK HQ Anna Arivalayam, on Tuesday night, a full 24 hours after the late leader’s 100th B-anniversary, was very illuminating … quite literally. The Sun never seems to set on K’s Dravidian empire too what with the Rising Sun shining forth in splendour well past twilight Continue Reading

The quota quicksand

We have heard of surgeries in which the stomach gets stitched up with the scissors inside. India’s Reservation regime is one such classic case of the remedy turning out to be more fatal than the disease. If the caste system is deemed pernicious, the quota raj is a higher perversion of human dignity, and worth: Mandal seems a bigger monster than the much-maligned Manu. Continue Reading

This pumpkin is too big to hide

Self-respect and rationalism are expendable ideologies. If found inconvenient they can always be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. The DMK and its leader are now in the grip of one such predicament and have typically sought to give their cherished ideals a silent burial. Continue Reading