Economy falling into deep abyss of recession: Priyanka

Hitting out at the Modi government, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today said the economy is falling into a “deep abyss” of recession and asked when will the dispensation “open its eyes”. Continue Reading

Villain of villains!

The rich are unhappy with MSingh because they are unable to enrich themselves further thanks to the policy paralysis. The poor, who are beyond the economist-PM’s statistical growth horizon are simmering like never before, what with poverty stalking them all through but the overhanging mirage of prosperity tantalisingly teasing them even while being out of reach of their outstretched hands. But it is the middle class anger over corruption, inflation, recession, civic disarray etc that is the primary cause of MSingh’s troubles in recent times. Continue Reading

Money, the mirage

The balloon took off from the time economies started moving from barter to paper money. When goods or visible services were the common tender, there was no question of a hidden value; the exchanges were purely based on need. A bagful of wheat could be swapped for a similar quantity of mud if there was a mutual need. Continue Reading

When 2 plus 2 is 22

Fudging numbers is a natural tendency. Ever since the day early man started to count, he has also been counting wrongly, intententionally or inadvertently. The countdown to numerical nemesis that commenced then has run parallel to the deteriorating integrity of mankind: From the caveman who killed five sheep, hid one in the bush, ate one and reported two, er, three as the day’s catch to his fellow cavemen Continue Reading