‘We are divided perhaps more than ever along lines of caste, religion’

CJI-designate Ranjan Gogoi on Monday said people are divided “more than ever” along the lines of caste, religion and ideology and what one should wear, eat or say are no longer insignificant questions about personal life. Continue Reading

Black money & White wash

As a true citizen of TN alias Tinsel Nadu, I am always deeply agitated whenever a calamity befalls a beloved cinestar. The ‘calamity’ could range from something as simple as a pimple on an otherwise spotless cheek to WhatsApp memes to serious financial troubles to censor woes to IT raids. The last is now my prime concern. Why Vijay? But more disturbingly, why Nayantara or Samantha? Continue Reading

Kanchi calling!

From hand-woven silk to hands-on spirituality, Kanchipuram stands for many things. This town of yore, described by Kalidasa as ‘nagaresu kanchi’, meaning ‘greatest of cities’, is a microcosm of Bharat’s vast heritage and glory; its geography may be small but in that capsule is captured an eternal and enormous cornucopia of history, culture, religion, politics, art, industry, archaeology etc. Continue Reading