A matter of numbers

A cheque deposited on Monday gets cleared by Wednesday, or worse, Thursday. However, cheques issued on Monday promptly land in your debit on Tuesday itself. That is why most of us treading on thin liquidity ice keep a buffer of two days for issue of cheques against cheques received. Also post dated cheques that outlive the mortals issuing them pack the cheque calendar tighter. Continue Reading

Where change has no chance

The term ‘ally’ has the ring of commitment to it. Hence the preference for ‘liasions’. ‘One night stand’ and ‘strange bed-fellows’ too are no longer metaphors but reflect reality, given the orgy of political promiscuity on parade. Continue Reading

Missing in action

When was the last time you attended the association meeting of your apartment complex? Did you alert the EB office about that live cable dangling precariously over the sidewalk? Did you call the local Corporation ward office to complain about your potholed street or the over-flowing drain? Have you ever called the police station to tip them off on an accident or crime or some suspicious activity in your vicinity? Continue Reading