The Dirty Dozen

The World Cup offers a pretext to mix cricket and politics which are anyway rife round the calendar in this country. And, as is the flavour of the season, let’s also announce our own Dream Team India. Only that none of these players, who have Constitutional duties and protection, are actually playing for the nation Continue Reading

Looming heirlooms

Political Leaders leave many kinds of legacies ranging from properties to parties to pet theories and pronouncements. Unlike a nondescript individual, the legacy of a public person raises more complications on the latter’s death: The claimants are not just blood relatives but include, to put it in TN’s political lingo, Blood’s Blood and Co-borns too (Raththaththin raththam & Udanpirappugal). Continue Reading

The quota quicksand

We have heard of surgeries in which the stomach gets stitched up with the scissors inside. India’s Reservation regime is one such classic case of the remedy turning out to be more fatal than the disease. If the caste system is deemed pernicious, the quota raj is a higher perversion of human dignity, and worth: Mandal seems a bigger monster than the much-maligned Manu. Continue Reading

Free, fair and free-for-all

It was a free-for-all in a very literal sense too. With both the prime protagonists of the recently concluded electoral battle in TN having very little to offer in terms of ideology or programmes, the polls witnessed a frantic bid to buy, or bribe, the voter at any cost … Continue Reading