Idle breaking

It was a long break that must have been quite back-breaking too to many. Not just work, but sitting idle endlessly before TV or gadget screens or criss-crossing bumpy, potholed streets to visit relatives or seeing recent releases could also strain your spines. So as workday dawned on Thursday and meandered wearily into Friday en route to another weekend of marriages and movies, it was not surprising to see more reluctant faces than refreshed ones at the office. While holidays are an alluring, addicting habit, too much ‘rest’ can be tiring too! Continue Reading

Divided, we stall!

Once elected, our reps are indeed a law unto themselves, totally insulated from those who elected them. But this familiar disconnect appears to have vanished at least temporarily. Never has Parli truly represented the nation as it has done from the start of the winter session. An anarchic, chaotic country finds ample articulation in an unruly, dysfunctional Parli today. A nation divided finds resonance in a House divided. Continue Reading

Some bitter pills

Last week’s terror strikes in UP courts would rank as the fastest forgotten bomb blasts in recent times. Despite another 13 unfortunates becoming soulless statistics, the memories of the blast faded faster than the smoke they sent up. Really, of late, more than the regular bomb blasts … Continue Reading