TN Health dept brings dengue awareness ahead of rains

Dengue is spread through the bite of the female mosquito (Aedes aegypti). The mosquito becomes infected when it takes the blood of a person infected with the virus. After about one week, the mosquito can then transmit the virus while biting a healthy person. Continue Reading

Chennaiite has hoisted tricolour continuously for 35 years

The patriot, hailing from Nanganallur, has hoisted the tricolour on the two days not for a decade or so but continuously for 35 years – that is, the most part of his life. Continue Reading

Chennai suburban youngster conducts terrace music performances

It’s a free platform for budding musicians, music lovers, song writers, etc., to showcase their creativity to the masses. There are many talents hidden in people which remain unearthed due to lack of visibility and publicity. Motta Maadi Music event strives to fill that gap. Continue Reading