2 years of demonetisation: The fading effects

Demonetisation, the biggest move undertaken by the Indian government to control parallel income and bring in cash-less economy to the forefront. It has been two years and News Today looks at what has changed over time. Continue Reading

Will a car’s body change?

In the car world, if the engine is the heart, then the structure of the vehicle or ‘body in white’ to the car-person, is the err… body that houses it. There have been many iterations of structural types in the past and I am going to take the ladies and gentlemen who read it down the timeline. Continue Reading

Yoga can help maintain time management, say Chennai experts

“Times have changed now. People are running all the time. One purpose of yoga is stress management. When they master it, we have seen proof of people becoming more creative and acceptive of the society,” added Sekar, who is part of a 40-member team which helps school children.

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