Holy place, unholy polls

The irony is striking and sickening. Srirangam, for the devout, is Buloga Vaikundam, the Lord’s abode on earth. Periyar’s parivar in their prime, for their part, wanted to blast it with a cannon, making Srirangam the key target of their ideological, iconoclastic ire. But here’s also where believers and atheists alike now stand united on one ‘count’. Continue Reading

Can’t bank on ’em!

I am pretty firm in my resolve not to ever write about strikes by bank staff. No, there’s no counter-guarantee that there won’t be strikes nor any quid pro quo deal like I being secretly allowed to operate my account on those ‘auspicious’ days; it’s just that the fatigue, frustration and fury over the frequent scoots by bank employees have quietly given way to philosophical acceptance. Continue Reading