Hyperactive activism

Who is an activist? Just about anybody today. That probably is the ultimate symbol of a ‘sound’ democracy, wherein every citizen raises his voice on every issue, pauses for air, and then resumes the charade for a fresh issue, the earlier one having faded under his/her own din over the latest fad. Sign of the times, now. Continue Reading

Politically Yours

No house can be set in order or cleaned up from outside and that includes the hallowed Houses that run the country. Team Anna (that-was)’s decision to take the political plunge, therefore, is a natural organic development that should be welcomed. Is it not a good test of the samaritans’ motives and mettle as also of the citizens’ seriousness to shed the baggage of sleaze? But the ‘You too, Anna’ tone of many is quite amusing. One supporter has even filed a cheating case against Kejriwal for breaking the promise of ‘no politics’. Continue Reading