Review: Thimiru Pudichavan – Everything for everyone

What if MGR of Pallandu Vaazhga meets Sivaji of Thanga Pathakkam in the form of Vikram from Saamy? That precisely is the character of Vijay Antony in his cop tale, Thimiru Pudichavan. Continue Reading

Review: Utharavu Maharaja – Loaded with twists

The movie starts off with a title card mentioning the main two characters and their sole definition – Prabhu acts and Udhaya reacts. This gives us enough details about what the plot would be. Continue Reading

Review: Aan Dhevathai – This little part is inspiring

With credits mentioning ‘Inspired by The Pursuit of Happyness’, filmmaker Thamira’s Aan Dhevathai openly admits how the next 145-minute family drama would be like. Continue Reading