Actor Sivakumar brushing away a mobile has led to a debate

Actor Sivakumar, known for his patience, maturity and scholastic skills, was put in a similar situation recently. But, when he was about to declare open a shop, he roughly brushed aside the mobile of a person waiting to take his picture and it fell to the ground. Continue Reading

Review: Vanmurai Paguthi – Looking beyond bloodshed

Conversations in native dialect are usually the essence of Madurai-Theni-Dindigul-based films. For a long time, films that use these three districts as base have always been the ones that discuss violence. Debutant director Naga’s Vanmurai Paguthi is no exception but, the movie has a lot more to say as well. Continue Reading

Review: Genius-Well begun, half done

The director has dealt in detail about how a young boy is pressured by his father since his younger days to be school topper and when he grows up made to run around to achieve targets. The man eventually breaks down and falls into depression. Continue Reading

Vijay’s ‘Sarkar’ teaser rekindles memories

As shown in the Sarkar teaser, we can assume that Vijay, an Indian origin CEO of an MNC that acquires firms across the globe, step into India to cast his vote. But, to his shock, his vote is already cast. The teaser progresses in such a way that Vijay wants to put an end to this corrupt system as a ‘Corporate Criminal’ in just two days. Continue Reading

Chennaiite popularises stand-up comedy in Tamil

Annamalai Lakshmanan alias Mala, a resident of Valasaravakkam and founder of Tanglish Comedy, is popularising the art of Tamil stand-up comedy. Continue Reading

Kollywood films that speak of communalism leave deep impact

Though the movies were not about caste discrimination, they seriously spoke about caste pride. It is still alleged that many communal clashes took place in south Tamilnadu after the release of ‘Devar Magan’. Continue Reading

Echo of ’96’: Time starts rolling for Rams and Janus

The purpose of the movie was this – to trigger our memories. When watching any random romantic movie, what we do is fit ourselves in the place of the hero or the heroine. But, in 96, we fit Ram and Janu in our lives. Continue Reading

Gandhi takes different hues in Tamil films of today

Gandhi has been given a peculiar part to play in movies in not just serious shades, but comical and feel good ones as well. But, whatever the tone, the ideals of the leader have been reiterated in a way that would suit the audience of this age. Continue Reading