Fear not, my countrymen

When equity demands that one must grant even the D its due, it would be grossly unfair to deny the exorcists their share. In any case, they would seek to themselves apportion their share of credit, which is truly a lion’s shares if detractors and cynics, Continue Reading

Exorcising the exorcists

Corruption is at the core of India and Indianness. It is all powerful, unbeatable and unconquerable. The Prime Minister of nation said so, sometime back. The Chief Minister, apparently, skipped the newspapers that particular day. Continue Reading

Disturbing Echoes

‘I told you so’, says Karunanidhi. ‘There was never any doubt’, says Moopanar. Same team, same spirit, cries Karunanidhi. Amen, says the TMC leader. ‘Moopanar and I will discuss’ claims a relieved DMK chief. ‘Karunanidhi is the leader and so he alone will decide’, avers a subdued Moopanar. Continue Reading