Look at India, it’s filthy, says Trump

United States President Donald Trump referred to what he called the ‘filthy air’ in India, China and Russia as he defended his decision to pull out of the Paris accord and denounced Democrat rival Joe Biden’s plans to tackle climate change in a presidential debate today. Continue Reading

Coronavirus under control, says Trump

US President Donald Trump said the coronavirus outbreak is as under control as it can get in the United States, where at least 155,000 people have died amid a patchy response to the public health crisis that has failed to stem a rise in cases. Continue Reading

Coronavirus: Next 30 days are very vital, says Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that the next 30 days are very vital for America in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, as the confirmed cases of those infected by the deadly disease soured to 164,000 and fatalities crossed 3,100 in the country. Continue Reading