TNPSC scam: Accused taken to Rameswaram

The Crime Branch CID (CB-CID), investigating the Tamilnadu Public Service (TNPSC) scam. took the two main accused, Jayakumar and Omkanthan to Kilakarai and Rameswaram, where the malpractice took place, for an inquiry. Continue Reading

The Mystery Beyond Missing Files

That files relating to a serious multi-crores scam can go missing from that ministry’s archives is itself sinister. But the lost files point to a larger loss: Missing character of the rulers, as a consequence of which people’s trust in public individuals and institutions have also gone missing. The nation indeed has lost something more valuable than money. The depletion in values and confidence levels beats the depreciating rupee hands down! Continue Reading

Satanic Bourses

I forget the name of the company but I am sure it starts with an ‘A’ and used to appear somewhere at the top of the B-group listings in the share columns of newspapers. It was a computer firm that promised great things, though in 1999 the only thing it had on offer were its shares. Continue Reading