Scamsters Anonymous

I had better be careful. These are tricky times when even a simple word in print, tweet or whatever, delivered in utter angst or legitimate frustration, could land you in trouble with the long arm of the law. Powerful people and their pampered sons and sons-in-law are on the prowl with feigned righteous hurt and they know the law. Continue Reading

The poison called politics

The term ‘politics’ originally referred to the ‘art or science of governance’. Politics being a public matter was to be insulated from isolated individuals and instead stress on groups and consensus. But since it still rested on fallible, fragile and fickle humans, politics gradually became less related to governance and more about managing and manoeuvring. It is today the art of the possible wherein anything goes and ends make even foul means sacred. Continue Reading

Singh’s sorry song!

So, finally the PM came out in the open, but did he come clean? And has he emerged clean? The much hyped media interaction was MSingh’s scripted soliloquy really with the otherwise ebullient editors strangely soft, probably by pre-arrangement. The PM could very well have read out a statement. Continue Reading

Beware of Big Fellas!

The murky machinations of the minister and his minions vis-a-vis the missed call to a judge and the missing millions of 2G continue to dominate public mind. As raids follow raids, skeletons tumble in a torrent, ‘incriminating’ docs attain moksha in CBI archives, leaks become a deluge and political missiles fly thick and fast, real enlightenment however remains elusive. Continue Reading