US astronaut addresses city students on S&T

The US Consulate General in Chennai, in association with the Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre (TNSTC), organised a virtual lecture by US astronaut for undergraduate and high school students in the fields of science and technology here Monday. Continue Reading

A look at technology that helps face water crisis

With severe water crisis plaguing the city for the past several weeks, residents are left facing dire situations. Some are forced to chase Metrowater tankers for their daily needs. Solutions are being sort after to over come this major issue. In this article, News Today complies a list of prominent solutions that have always favoured citizens. Continue Reading

Here are tech firms that have suspended ties with Huawei citing US ban

Keeping in mind the ongoing US-China trade war, the US recently coerced companies from doing business with Huawei sighting security reasons. The ban applies to goods that have 25 per cent or more of US-originated technology or materials. Continue Reading

Baby gene experiment by Chinese researcher ‘foolish and dangerous’: Experts

The first people to be gene-edited, a pair of baby twin girls in China, may have been mutated in a way that they are likely to die young, researchers said, calling the action “very dangerous” and “foolish”. Continue Reading

Indian telescope discovers most distant radio galaxy ever

Astronomers have used an Indian telescope to discover the most distant radio galaxy ever known, located at a distance of 12 billion light-years. The galaxy from a time when the universe was only seven per cent of its current age was found using the Giant Meter-wave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in Pune. Continue Reading