Flood of thoughts

In a full year of events just December dominates, with the rest eleven evaporating into oblivion. The lasting, lingering memory of 2015 would be the devastating deluge. Now, how can a committed column not take the easy way out by resorting to some wet cliches and rhetoric to highlight all happenings too? Here we go with the favoured flavour of the season: Flood. Continue Reading

Tale of two Rajas

When Raja Marthanda Varma, ruler of Travancore state in 1750, donated his entire wealth to the Lord Pamanabha temple, he did not bother to calculate the monetary value of his priceless grant. The king’s logic was straight and simple: All that is supposedly his is actually His! He then ruled as a savant and servant of God and his people, shunning pomp and shorn of royal trappings. Continue Reading

A tale of two CMs

Bravo Babu, we are tempted to say. The AP CM has made bold to break an age-old political canon by proclaiming that he does have a permanent enemy. In doing so he has also driven home the last nail on the UF coffin by making it clear that never would he tolerate a Congress government with his support… Continue Reading