TN’s trysts with terror

The week started with the tragic news of the death of a Chennai Major, Mukund Varadarajan, up in distant Kashmir fighting Hizbul Mujahideen militants. The weekend is abuzz with the twin bomb blasts deep down in Chennai at Central station that took the life of 24-year-old Swati, an unsuspecting passenger en route to meet her parents in AP. In between, on Tuesday there was the providential arrest in the city of, Sakir Hussein, an ISI agent from Sri Lanka, by Central agencies, and interrogations appear to have opened up/confirmed many threats about Jihadi activity. If reports are to be believed, and they should be, TN and Chennai, are very much inside the jihadi terror arc. Continue Reading

Some more excavations!

Let’s also adjourn Ayodhya to the week-after, a la, the Apex Court. In the meantime, let’s excavate the Hindu mind, from the surface to the subconscious. If it is true that everyone is a religious person at the core, let’s find out what kind of a ‘temple’ lies buried deep in the Hindu psyche. Continue Reading

A long rope

We are all stumped and startled by the damning dis coveries.

So our courts, after a ‘fair trial’, have finally found out that Ajmal Kasab is guilty of mass murder and waging war against the Indian State and also that the roots of that terror were in Pak. We thought Kasab, who was caught in action on camera before being caught in person Continue Reading

Verdict and versions

Fallen psephologists may be proof that pre-poll surveys and exit polls are slippery terrain. But even more risky is the interpretation of a mandate. Yet that is the analysis that really matters, if one is keen on understanding the mechanics of the voters mind as also the driving forces behind the most important show in our democratic theatre, namely, elections. Continue Reading

Confessions of a voter

The ominous 13th of May beckons the players of the Indian Political League. As a photofinish finale to the poll rat-race looms, the TN voter, the last among equals, readies himself to perform his democratic karma. The tiresome trudge to the booth, the endless wait in meandering queues Continue Reading

Barking up the wrong tree

Minority politics is perennial fare in India, but it peaks at poll time for that’s when secular politicos call in favours from their, er, well, most favoured constituencies. While on paper, the Constitution and electoral guidelines expressly prohibit candidates from seeking votes in the name of religion, strangely those nurturing minority vote banks are deemed exempt. Continue Reading

Trust them not

Imagine a Kollywood pot-boiler in which there are only villains and comedians. Now, who would rescue the familiar damsel in distress? And if indeed someone tries, what would be her fate, given the character of the cast? The political parties are currently playing one such tragic joke on the nation, a distressed damsel ever in the dumps, thanks to them. Continue Reading

Different or just indifferent?

I have no clue where in the sky cloud nine is, but that is where the BJP is supposed to be residing presently. With back to back victories in successive State elections, Delhi is no longer a distant destination as it seemed after the electoral banishment of ‘04. Continue Reading