Kannagi Nagar food delivery guy teaches martial arts to children

C Lakshmipathi (32), roams in his two-wheeler all day, delivering food to various places. Just as you think that he is one among the run-of-the-mill delivery guys, his toned physique presents a different story. Continue Reading

Chennai-based youth wins laurels in silambattam

It has become common to hear news about women facing the unthinkable out in the public. This is what drove Ganesh Babu of Oragadam to enroll his daughter Padma Shree in a Silambam class, to equip the skills she might need in case she finds herself in a bad situation. Continue Reading

Chennai-based Tamil professor teaches silambam for free

News Today spoke to M Krishnamoorthy, Tamil Professor at Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, and he shares how the day is instrumental in reviving forgotten traditions and practices. A resident of Anna Nagar in Taramani, Krishnamoorthy also runs ‘Friends¬íSilambam club at Vijaya Nagar where he teaches about 40 students for free. Continue Reading