Rare surgery by Chennai hospital

A liver transplant surgery under an operating microscope was performed in the city recently, marking a significant development in the field. This skill intensive microsurgical liver transplant, performed at SIMS Hospitals, evidently reduces the post-surgical complications to a larger extent and ensures better outcomes for patients, claim doctors. Continue Reading

TN Health Minister launches BONDS

Tamilnadu Health Minister Dr C Vijayabaskar launched BONDS, (BOtulinum ToxiN in Dystonia and Spasticity), a first of its kind centre, with focussed approach for the treatment of movement disorders like Dystonia and Spasticity (also for Stroke Rehabilitation) using Botulinum Toxin injection. Continue Reading

Tanzanian gets relief from pain after 14 years

Chennai-based SIMS Hospital has put an end to 38-year-old Tanzanian patient’s pain and misery of 14 years caused by a more than 1 kg weighing Ameloblastoma in the lower jaw. Lack of early medical intervention and diagnostic facility in his country, made it difficult for him to chew and eat his food, which in turn affected his overall quality of life significantly. Continue Reading