The Art of Giving

I have always looked askance at celebrity charity. Several years in the business of dispensing publicity probably makes you skeptical of people’s motives, particularly those who cannot give without a camera capturing the moment. But frankly, four fingers point inwards too, to a cynical conscience: after all, what’s wrong in giving under public glare? Continue Reading

Tampering with Bal

Once upon a time, Bal Thackeray began his career as a cartoonist. Decades later, today, his comic capers have made him a caricature of sorts. One does not remember if his drawings drew laughter from anyone at that time, but the nation is certainly not humoured by his antics currently. The only ray of hope is that despite consistently hogging national headlines, T’ray has so far remained strictly a Maharashtra Manoos! Continue Reading

Where Left, Right & Centre meet!

It would be of help, to pundits as well as the uninitiated, to brush up on some basic political definitions. The term ‘Left’ has pejorative origins in medieval France, representing the commoners who sat to the left of the King, in contrast to the nobles who were on his right: as the ‘hand that is the weaker of the two’, ‘left’ was a metaphor for the underdogs of society. Continue Reading