No fee to be collected for garbage collection: Chennai Corporation

Greater Chennai Corporation today decided to roll back the user fee for garbage collection that it intended to implement from 1 January next year. Continue Reading

Plea for micro-composting centre at Velacheri

One of the perennial problems of Velacheri is solid waste management. Even if all the residents take an effort to follow segregation at source, it will not prove beneficial if the waste is left untreated at the dumping yard. This is why a micro-composting centre (MCC) in Velacheri will be beneficial. Continue Reading

‘SWM by-laws in finalisation stage, once done fines will be imposed in Chennai’

Since a long time now, garbage disposal has been a problem for the residents of Zone 12. With Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) practicing door-to-door collection, most of the cans are removed to facilitate the process. Despite doing so, several street corners are littered with all kinds of waste. Although the corporation has time and again emphasised on segregation, little has been done from the scratch. Continue Reading