If Delhi is India …

Some suspense always lingers during the time lag between voting and counting. Not so with the recent elections to five State assemblies. Sure, it is never a good idea to deem a future result as a foregone conclusion. But there is one strong reason why not just ‘scientific’ opinion/exit polls but even random guesses could turn out to be, er, approximately accurate: Congress! The disenchantment is so high that none bothered to survey Mizoram where the party might win! Continue Reading

The Mystery Beyond Missing Files

That files relating to a serious multi-crores scam can go missing from that ministry’s archives is itself sinister. But the lost files point to a larger loss: Missing character of the rulers, as a consequence of which people’s trust in public individuals and institutions have also gone missing. The nation indeed has lost something more valuable than money. The depletion in values and confidence levels beats the depreciating rupee hands down! Continue Reading

The Dirty Dozen

The World Cup offers a pretext to mix cricket and politics which are anyway rife round the calendar in this country. And, as is the flavour of the season, let’s also announce our own Dream Team India. Only that none of these players, who have Constitutional duties and protection, are actually playing for the nation Continue Reading

Good, bad and ugly

A momentous week indeed, with many moments of truth, or at least versions of it. The tidings were mixed, and also varied with the point of view; what was good for one was not so for another, but that’s always the case. The greater truth is that what is seemingly good has ugly undertones, set to surface in time if not already, while what looks bad at present has the seeds for future good embedded in it. Continue Reading

An account on vote

It is still an ordeal in many parts of India to get to the voting venue, what with weather, distance and goons playing spoil sport. And even if you reach there on the appointed day, it is an even bigger pain to be held up in queues for hours before seeing the insides of the booth for what is increasingly being felt as an utterly useless exercise. Continue Reading

Stand up, Sir, or step down, please!

I shall begin without a preamble because the events of the present are self-evident. Of course, these days you often claim to be unaware of even obvious things, that either you were misled or no one told you. But even schoolboys have stopped putting up such excuses. A PM can certainly do better than that. Continue Reading

Defreezed, and into a deepfreezer

In India, it pays to be a foreigner. Doubters can check with Quattrocchi on that. Now, who’s this Quattrocchi? Well, one can check with Sonia, pardon, Soniaji, on that. Of course, there is no guarantee of a response, because her voice appears to have been frozen on this issue, unlike the defreezed money of her Italian compatriot and close family friend. Continue Reading