A decade after decimation, MHA reveals shocking details about LTTE

May 17. It was on this day a decade ago LTTE was defeated by Sri Lankan forces in the ethnic war that lasted for years, claiming many lives on both sides. Continue Reading

Centre extends ban on LTTE; Home Ministry says supporters active in TN

“LTTE has not abandoned the concept of ‘Eelam’ (separate land for Tamils) and has been clandestinely working towards the cause by undertaking fund raising and propaganda activities.” Continue Reading

Fool-filled promises

This being poll time, April 1 was not just all fools day but heralded a full fooling season. All through this month and a good part of next, we are condemned to remain helpless fools as rambling politicos and a range of parties get into rabble-rousing mode. A few random samples from their manifestos and many speeches would reflect the extent they treat voters as suckers. And mind you, all are pretty serious about their stupidity. Continue Reading

We are all bugged, too!

Sorry! It’s not going to be Sindbad’s saga but our own sordid stories. The adventures of the fabled sailor, the longest surviving caricature in Tamil journalism, is tempting, but with news of the government listening into everything other than the common man’s woes bugging the nation, Continue Reading

Good, bad and ugly

A momentous week indeed, with many moments of truth, or at least versions of it. The tidings were mixed, and also varied with the point of view; what was good for one was not so for another, but that’s always the case. The greater truth is that what is seemingly good has ugly undertones, set to surface in time if not already, while what looks bad at present has the seeds for future good embedded in it. Continue Reading

The changing stripes

He might be on the run and under terminal siege at home, but Veluppillai Prabakaran is having a good run in TN now. The sudden escalation of temperature on the Sri Lankan issue here is really a lifeline to one of the most wanted terrorists of our times. For if the TN blackmail of the Centre succeeds, VP will get a new lease of life. Continue Reading

Tigers by the tail

It is perhaps a geographical ordainment by fate that Sri Lanka is shaped like a drop — of tear or blood or both. This idyllic pearl of an island in the Indian Ocean has seen more strife and death dances in a generation than probably have some other parts of the world since the dawn of history. Continue Reading