‘Community has a critical role in suicide prevention’

Suicide is a social issue and not an individual problem. An online discussion on “Suicide Prevention: The Importance of Community” hosted by YourDOST, India’s largest online counseling and emotional support platform designed to foster mental health, appealed for more efforts from the community to raise suicide prevention awareness. The panel discussion was held to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. Continue Reading

Saddening self-goals

Everyone comes with an expiry date. But unlike man-made packaged stuff, the Ultimate-Maker-made human body does not bear any warning of its exit time. This glorious uncertainty encourages a delusion of immortality, an assumed assurance of seeing as many daylights as is ‘humanly’ possible and is at the root of all material motivations as well as spiritual quests. Indeed, such hope, the unceasing commas despite the inevitable full stop, is the very essence of living. Contrarily, even a stray thought of death would make living worse than real death Continue Reading