An open letter to Mr Rajinikanth

Dear Mr Rajinikanth, First, accept my hearty greetings on your being conferred the Icon of the Golden Jubilee award of IFFI by the BJP government at the Centre. Of course, we are not treating this as an effort to paint you in saffron hue. Not that you wish it either. After all, you have made it clear, for now that is, that you will resist any such attempt, as in the case of Thiruvalluvar. Continue Reading

A tale of two CMs

Bravo Babu, we are tempted to say. The AP CM has made bold to break an age-old political canon by proclaiming that he does have a permanent enemy. In doing so he has also driven home the last nail on the UF coffin by making it clear that never would he tolerate a Congress government with his support… Continue Reading