Editorial: Taliban & Terror

The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has heartened and emboldened extremists and could lead to the return of major al-Qaida-style attack plots against the West, the head of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency said. Continue Reading

Troops withdrawal from Afghan was a right decision: Biden

Amid the deepening crisis in Afghanistan, United States President Joe Biden defended his move to withdraw troops from the country, saying history will record this as a logical, rational, and right decision. Continue Reading

Editorial: Taliban: Twists & Turns

Built and trained at a two-decade cost of USD 83 billion, Afghan security forces collapsed so quickly and completely in some cases without a shot fired that the ultimate beneficiary of the American investment turned out to be the Taliban. They grabbed not only political power but also US-supplied firepower guns, ammunition, helicopters and more. Continue Reading

Editorial: Taliban returns

The Taliban is typically portrayed as a group of men with beards and turbans, driven by Islamic fundamentalist ideology and responsible for widespread violence. But to understand the group that is poised to return to power in Afghanistan, and what we might expect from its rule, we need a much more nuanced picture, says Kaweh Kerami, PhD candidate in Development Studies, SOAS, University of London, in an article in The Conversation. Continue Reading