Why TN is forbidden land! — 2: A conflict of civilisations

Let’s begin at the beginning … ‘Thamizh predates sand and stone’ This core dictum is embedded deep in the psyche of the Tamil-speaking population world over. Continue Reading

The Indian (Dis)Union

For us, Tamilians, C/o Dravidanadu-that-was-not, Maharashtra is as much north as say, UP, Bihar or Rajasthan, the Vindhyas and Hindi acting as the physical and mental LoCs respectively. But thanks to Raj of Thackeray clan, we now stand enlightened on the great reality that for every north there is a higher north looking down: the ‘north Indians’ from UP and Bihar are now the object of ire for the Mumbai mobs of Raj for having stolen the livelihood of the latter. Continue Reading

Tongue-twisters & twisted tongues

That ‘Rama’ and ‘Das’ are north Indian words is beyond dispute. In fact there was an ‘Aryan’ saint by name Ramdas, not to speak of more popular savants like Tulsidas and Kalidas. If anything ‘Ramadoss’ carries the unmistakeable imprint of Sanskrit, as do the words ‘karuna’ and ‘nidhi’. Continue Reading