TN’s sero survey to test 60,000 samples in 888 clusters in all districts

Tamilnadu’s Directorate of Public Health is all geared up for a serological survey. According to sources, it will be done in 888 clusters in all districts and around 60,000 samples will be collected. Continue Reading

27 private hospitals in TN face action for overcharging & protocol violation

As many as 27 private hospitals in Tamilnadu have been taken to task by the Tamilnadu Health department for violations that included charging exorbitant fees for Covid-19 treatment and deviating from standard treatment protocol. Continue Reading

As Covid cases come down in TN, govt plans serosurveillance study in districts

With Tamilnadu reporting less than 5,000 cases for the past two days, the Health department will commence a State-wide serosurveillance study on Covid-19 exposure in a week. Continue Reading