4.8 lakh arrested, Rs 6 crore collected as fine from violators in TN

As the city entered the fourth phase of Covid-19 lockdown, the State police continued to take violators of Section 144 into task. Until this morning, they have arrested 4,88,250 persons for violating rules of social distancing. Continue Reading

Over 2.85 lakh persons arrested, 2.39 lakh vehicles seized in TN

The State police are not putting a stop on taking violators to task during the ongoing lockdown period. According to statistics provided by the DGP’s office today, as many as 2,68,537 violations were recorded by the police. Continue Reading

Over 2.60 lakh vehicles seized by Tamilnadu police

As part of enforcing Section 144 until the lockdown is lifted, the Tamilnadu police have seized as many as 2,19,248 vehicles. These include two, three and four wheeler vehicles. Continue Reading