9,95,255 lakh persons booked for curfew violation

As the government is gearing up for unlock 4.0, the State police continue being tough with violators of lockdown rules.  The Tamilnadu police have booked nearly 9,95,255 persons for violating norms of lockdown. Continue Reading

9.83 lakh persons booked for curfew violation in TN

Close to five months of lockdown, the Tamilnadu police have arrested 9,83,936 persons who defied the lockdown. The violators were fined and cases were filed against them. Continue Reading

9,76,018 persons held for violating curfew

Months into the lockdown, the State police continue in arresting those who are stepping out during the curfew.  Nearly, 9,76,018 persons were arrested by the Tamilnadu police for venturing out despite a lockdown. Continue Reading