Despite Covid pandemic, TN liquor sales cross Rs 33,800 cr mark in 2020-21

Despite the Covid breakout and the pandemic-induced lockdown, the sale of liquor through the state government-owned Tamilnadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) has crossed the Rs 33,000 mark for the second successive year in 2020-21. Continue Reading

March past, April Fools’ time now

I am inspired. I am encouraged. And I am emboldened, enough to present my own manifesto, my promises, knowing fool, er, full well that there is no chance of me getting elected. There is a conspiratorial proviso in the EC fool, hell, rule book that unfairly disallows those who have not fooled… filed their nominations, from contesting. Continue Reading

Spot the Narakasura

Lord Brahma has this bad habit. Often, he tends to lose his head, all four heads rather, when tapped for boons by a devious demon dazzling him with die-hard devotion. Armed thus, the demon then goes about tormenting the devas, sages, commonfolk and finally L. Brahma Himself. And when tipping point arrives, there appears Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva, depending on who is appealed to, for deliverance. Continue Reading

Bane of bans

Ideally, I would like to thrash that guy smoking with relish and spewing toxins in style on his kid sitting on the lap. But that, thrashing someone and not smoking, is a criminal offence. It’s difficult also to resist the temptation to trample on the tippler sprawled on the street after a busy evening at TASMAC outlet while his family is starving back home. But again, booze is a birthright, dispensed by welfare States too. Continue Reading

Whining over wine

TN alias Tipplernadu may often be water starved, but rarely thanni starved. Ever since the bottle was uncorked in the early seventies, liquor has flooded this rational-cum-religious State as much as flattery, freebies and foul cash. The addiction looks set. The State budget is banking on booze and the bulk of populace are beholden to Bacchus. Continue Reading

The missing ink

The lukewarm to poor voter turnout in the key metros of India is perhaps the unkindest cut on democracy. You can have our voice but not necessarily our vote, seems to be the urbanites’ answer to the national call of duty. The most noisy crowd on national issues feels nary a compulsion to follow up indignation and ideas with action. Whatever it is worth, the vote is still the only instrument of political change and not casting it tantamounts to forfeiting the Constitutional fundamental right to expression! Continue Reading

From cheers to tears

The itch for intoxication is as old as mankind, older probably than even monkeykind, though I am yet to encounter a tipsy ape. In the Indian context, while drink has been a fact of life and subject of debate since time immemorial, the liquor regime that we witness today, both in State policy as well as in social mores, is largely a colonial import. Continue Reading