Exposed database did not include personal data: Chtrbox

Mumbai-based Chtrbox, which was allegedly responsible for leaking data of millions of Instagram users, has said database for a limited number of influencers was inadvertently exposed but that did not include any sensitive personal data. Continue Reading

Lie detector can be beaten with simple steps: Study

The research suggests that more needs to be done to detect these countermeasures to make brain imaging more reliable for forensic applications. Continue Reading

Cyber security experts reveal insights of digital warfare

The possibility of a digital warfare is extremely high. Recent researches by analysts and cyber security experts has made them warn every overnment agency. News Today reached out to experts of this field who spoke about cyber warfare between powerful nations. According to researchers, nations are determined to interfere in other countries operations’ especially in the defence sector. Continue Reading

Digital security expert talks about future threats, ways to stay safe

NewsToday took part in a recent webinar session titled, ‘Threat Predictions-2019’ organised by Kaspersky, Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) Asia Pacific, Vitaly Kamluk who shared about the dangers in the cyberworld and steps we can follow to stay safe. Continue Reading

Samsung launches folding phone, prices it nearly $2,000

The Galaxy Fold, unveiled at a San Francisco event, was also accompanied by S10 handsets that come in four versions that Samsung claims to offer rich color displays, longer battery life and sophisticated cameras. Continue Reading

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre unveils Feast software

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in association with Panimalar Engineering College conducted the third edition of National Finite Element Developers (NAFED) event at the college premises in Chennai recently. At that time, VSSC unveiled Feast Software which is equivalent to HyperMesh or Mastron or any other finite element analysis tool. Continue Reading