Indians most worried about terrorism: Survey

Indians are most worried about terrorism, unemployment, and financial and political corruption, even as at least 73 per cent of the countrymen are optimistic that the nation is headed in the right direction, according to a survey. Continue Reading

FATF experts team to review Pak’s progress on global standards

A group of experts from the Financial Action Task Force will review whether Pakistan has made enough progress on global standards against financial crimes to warrant its exclusion from the watchdog’s grey list. Continue Reading

Pompeo’s remarks on terrorism trigger controversy

A fresh row has erupted between the US and Pakistan on the issue of terrorism following a telephone call by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to newly-elected Prime Minister Imran Khan, as Islamabad took exception to the American version of the conversation. Continue Reading

Politically Yours

No house can be set in order or cleaned up from outside and that includes the hallowed Houses that run the country. Team Anna (that-was)’s decision to take the political plunge, therefore, is a natural organic development that should be welcomed. Is it not a good test of the samaritans’ motives and mettle as also of the citizens’ seriousness to shed the baggage of sleaze? But the ‘You too, Anna’ tone of many is quite amusing. One supporter has even filed a cheating case against Kejriwal for breaking the promise of ‘no politics’. Continue Reading

When stealth is strength

Sonia’s sickness may be Cong’s sacred secret, but that party’s own sickness cannot be so safely wished away. The nation is ill-inoculated against the afflictions raging in the ruling regime. All major epidemics – scams, terrorism, inflation etc have their origins in a contagious Congress. For the country, the passage from INC to ICU has been seamless but most painful. Continue Reading

At your service, Mr Terrorist

India’s war on terror was always a rumour. There never was one, the war, I mean. But since our PM and HM claim it’s on and we will ultimately win it, let’s indulge their fancy. So how’s that ‘war’ to be won?

Simple. By enduring what we cannot cure. By putting up with what we cannot put out. By getting immune to what cannot be fought. Continue Reading

We are all bugged, too!

Sorry! It’s not going to be Sindbad’s saga but our own sordid stories. The adventures of the fabled sailor, the longest surviving caricature in Tamil journalism, is tempting, but with news of the government listening into everything other than the common man’s woes bugging the nation, Continue Reading

Block out the bluster

In a State where cinema is a genetic obsession and there fore pervades all aspects of life, you only need a figment of an excuse to deliver a discourse on it. Mine has come in the form of some reader responses to celluloid references in last week’s column. It is a happy provocation that I am gleefully pouncing on, thanks to the aforementioned gene, for I am no less a film buff than the CM and cm, Chief Minister and common man Continue Reading

Freedoms Galore

Sixty years after 1947, celebrating freedom from the British looks surreal and contrived. Really, for the current generation and the future ones, a free India is a given; near and distant histories have merged on the horizon of time, with the Anglo rule seeming as ancient as Alexander, Allauddin Khilji and Aurangazeb, though all are separated by centuries. Continue Reading

Some bitter pills

Last week’s terror strikes in UP courts would rank as the fastest forgotten bomb blasts in recent times. Despite another 13 unfortunates becoming soulless statistics, the memories of the blast faded faster than the smoke they sent up. Really, of late, more than the regular bomb blasts … Continue Reading