Why TN is forbidden land! — 3:  Tell-tale twists in the tongue tales

I was pretty much certain many holy feathers would be ruffled. Why drag sacred Sanskrit into an unseemly fracas? What is the connection? It is my firm opinion that the contents of the last column, that harp on how Tamil scores over Sanskrit on several counts, are most relevant, if only to highlight the perverse ironies on parade in the present. Continue Reading

A take on breaks!

Ever felt the overwhelming urge to throw in the towel, shout ‘to hell with everything’ and disappear into blissful oblivion, if only momentarily? So, when my doctor advised me to take a break, it was as if God Himself was writing the prescription. Of course, all of us know it is all in our mind, the belief that we are indispensable, that we will be missed, and things will grind to a halt in our absence and that it is always now or never. Continue Reading

Mother of all tongues

I hate to use the term ‘Tamil’ because it is so very English. The Queen’s tongue is not lacking in alphabetical abundance or phoenetical options to render ‘Thamizh’, which is a noun and therefore can be spelt the way it is pronounced. ‘Thamizh’ has a pristine touch and a wholesome feel that is woefully absent in ‘Tamil’. Continue Reading