Thirumangalam Metro sees huge footfall

The Metro railway station at Thirumangalam is one of the busiest place in city. Number of passengers using the station has crossed more than 10,000 on weekdays since 1 December, 2019. It is followed by Chennai Central and Airport stations, each with an average daily passengers of 9,000 Continue Reading

Lalithaa Jewellery heist: Murugan robbed 60 houses in Chennai

N ‘Thiruvarur’ Murugan, the mastermind behind the Lalithaa Jewellery heist in Trichy on 2 October, has made some shocking revelations to the police. Continue Reading

Man escapes from kidnappers, files complaint with Chennai police

When Anthonysamy was unable to repay his debt, on the pretext of showing him a property, Sagayam took him to Paramakudi and locked him up in a room. Anthonysamy claimed he was tortured for three days. Continue Reading

Unnatural Disasters!

The Indian political scene mimicked Japan this week. The nuclear ghost of 2008 came back to haunt MSingh, making his hot seat a bit too radioactive for comfort; Wikileaks came in a tsunami of waves, inundating virtually every facet of UPA governance and then scooping and setting afloat for full public view a sludge of skeletons. Continue Reading

A buy-poll, really

Thirumangalam is an auspicious town with an auspicious history. It derives its name from a tradition of goldsmiths who specialised in making the Thirumangalyam. Well, whatever, but the current happenings in the by-poll being held in the constituency, which is spread over three hundred villages besides Thirumangalam proper and a few other towns, seem most inauspicious for democracy. Continue Reading