TN literature enthusiast translates Sangam Tamil poems

Chennai:¬†Tamil texts are aplenty; so are the English translations. Despite abundant resources available online, exposure to Tamil literature is not a routine. But here is P Chenthil Nathan, who gives his followers daily dose of Tamil literature through his Twitter… Continue Reading

‘Terrorists’ caught near harbour during coastal security drill

This morning, six ‘terrorists’ were caught near Harbour. Only, they were part of the biannual coastal security drill, Operation Sagar Kavach. Continue Reading

2019 polls: UPA cannot protect country, only Modi-led govt can, says Shah

To serve the people, Amit Shah said, the BJP’s alliance with AIADMK will continue for Assembly polls (2021) as well. Continue Reading

Murder of actress: Police intensify hunt for missing body parts

Balakrishnan, a native of Thoothukudi living in Jafferkhanpet, Chennai, is said to have bludgeoned his estranged wife and then cut up her body for easy disposal. While two legs and an arm were found in the Pallikaranai dumpyard, the head and rest of the torso are yet to be traced. Continue Reading

Dismembered body of woman found in Chennai: Husband held for murder

The case of a woman’s murder when her limbs were found in the Perungudi dumpyard recently has been solved with the arrest of her husband. Continue Reading

Chennai’s author explores cerebral palsy in her first book

Sundari Sivasubbu, who lives on the eighth floor of an apartment in Tiruvanmiyur, sees life and experiences positivity sitting on her wheelchair. This drove the cerebral-palsy author to write a book, A Bumblebee’s Balcony. Continue Reading